I am writing this on St. Valentine’s Day…a day we look forward to for gathering and expressing deep sentiments to each other.  COVID has made this improbable (unless you are “secluded and isolated” with someone you care for).   The weather has seemed to emphasize isolation even more, with frigid temperatures, ice and snow, and treacherous travel options.  

We miss each other!  

The green that peaks through the ice signals that life is still moving strong…just like the stream that flows close by, and the ducks, blue heron, and great egret that patrol its waters.   (The herons and egrets have found company in each other and in “partnering” with another heron and egret who are not normal members of their usual solitary lifestyles.)

And what is it that we miss in each other?   A smile? A touch? A hug? A little company?   And maybe a part of the “inner being” in that is shared in each other’s presence?

Our Adult Forum is studying Richard Rohr’s Book, Falling Upward.  Bishop Michael Curry referenced Richard Rohr when he refers to all as being “Created in the Image of God.”   My close friend commented on that and the way Bishop Curry started reminding himself when anyone, friend or stranger, approaches him: “Here Comes the Image of God!”

When we consider ourselves this season of Lent, I hope we can experience a deeper understanding of ourselves as being “Created in the Image of God” in care, in love, and in acceptance of those around us.   And it is my hope, and a hope of many others, that “I” can be receptive to “The Image of God” in those I encounter, in those “we” each encounter.   Just like the fragile green stems of grass, poking through the frigid ice, we can experience “The Image of God” as we are encouraged and cherished. It is that “Image of God” that we crave and nurture in each other…and will celebrate as our journeys move us through this season of Lent.      Easter is on its way. 

“Here Comes the Image of God!”

The Rev. Becky Sparks, Deacon